Friday, September 5, 2014

Distinctive Gold Earrings For Every Day!

When we talk about a season's essentials we are obsessed with what is new, beautiful and fitting for the time of year. What we often forget to mention, is that there are also year-round essentials! A beloved piece of jewelry that will go with everything, everyday, every season. Nothing fits the bill more than a pair of simple, timeless gold earrings!

No one has said it better than Quadrum's Assistant Director:
"Like your favorite pair of jeans, a simple gold earring is a fashion staple." - Amy
How true it is that every girl should have a favorite pair of jeans and a favorite pair of gold earrings - like peas in a pod these two!
When it comes to jeans, we turn to our known and loved favorites. (Lucky us, Bloomingdale's Chestnut Hill is just down the hall!!) When it comes to the perfect gold earring, we look no further than our own cases! Shop with us!

 Annette Ferdinandsen knows how to make delicate design fulfill your daily dose of jewelry addiction! These 18K small rose petals are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. If petite and dainty is your calling, then there is no question this pair of earrings will soon be your go-to...they are simplicity at its best!

 It's true, Gabriella Kiss has too many gorgeous golden earrings to choose just one pair for every day! Full of movement and wonder, these large 18K "Deconstructed Wasp" earrings stand out for the more abstract woman who can carry something long and elegant. The idea behind these earrings is that Gabriella has dismantled the structure of a wasp and put it back together to create something unique. The earrings feature a honeycomb, a wasp body segment, and a wing. Are these unusually intriguing earrings for you?!

More than anything, a pair of gold hoops is a must-have for every jewelry box! We are including these in our fleet of options just in case you don't already own a pair. John Iversen has perfected the common gold hoop with tapered lines and lovely texture. We know you will love these as much as we do! We truly believe these are the most versatile pair of earrings you could ever own! (Psst, they also come in other sizes!)

A slightly more elaborate pair of gold earrings from Rosanne Pugliese has made the cut here, because they are absolutely stunning and still simple enough to be worn every day. Maybe you have voluminous curls that hide a smaller earring, or take on the look of simplicity with a bold and graceful touch - then these are the earrings for you!

Simple, and here to stay. Have a pair of gold earrings on hand so you can glam up in a pinch, and will last you forever! We insist on this necessity of ease!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September is for Sapphires!

September, oh beautiful September. The air is crisp, and the sun is still shining warmly - what a perfect and cherished time of year! While you are relishing in your gorgeous birthday month, amp up the preciousness with a stunning sapphire. Then you will truly be celebrating adoration all around.

Try on the celestial gift of a star sapphire. This unique stone glows and enchants. The white six point asterism that is present in this light blue stone will put stars in your eyes! Annette Ferdinandsen has so beautifully set your beloved birthstone in an 18K "cracked egg" bezel - make it yours and remember 2014's birthday forever!

This deep blue sapphire and white diamond "Candy Dome" ring by Alex Sepkus would be the ideal birthday gift for any woman seeking distinction this year. Texture, twinkle and treasure...this ring has it all!

Gabriella Kiss takes the prize for birthday whimsy! These deep blue sapphire and 18K "Gem Bug" studs are playful and perfect for every day. When in doubt, give the gift of nature!

"I try to find the most exquisite specimens and then set them with just enough gold to highlight their natural beauty" - Maria Beaulieu Well, she has certainly succeeded with this purple star sapphire! Sapphire is traditionally the birthstone for September, but here at Quadrum we love to stretch the limits of tradition, so we say make your own tradition and if you want a sapphire for your birthday that isn't blue...go for it!

The exquisite synthesis between mixed metals and gemstones is presented on this scroll band from Nathan Levy. The cabochon blue sapphires encircling the platinum and 18K band are nothing to shy away from. Big birthdays are for big jewelry statements!

Created with a most unusual and unique process, Polly Wales crafts one of a kind pieces of jewelry every time! This ombre blue sapphire "Crystal" ring is begging for an occasion as personal as a birthday to join your jewelry collection. Raw, unconventional beauty meets wearable sculpture - what could be better?!

For those of you who love white gold, never fear, there are many sapphire options for you as well! Reinstein/Ross and Barbara Heinrich show us how stunning of a combination sapphires and 18K white gold can be.

Whether you love blue, pink or yellow sapphires...yellow gold or white, Quadrum has your optimal birthday gift waiting in our cases. Let us assist you in finding what strikes you, and just must go home with you. Start your birthday month off with a sparkle!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Must-Haves... Shop The Collection!

These are a few of our favorite things...for fall! We have been busy compiling what we believe to be the must-haves for the season ahead. Our fall collection features gorgeous pieces from John Iversen, Maria Beaulieu, Gabriella Kiss, Annette Ferdinandsen and so many more! A new season calls for new jewels!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jewelry to Fall for...a Preview of the Season!
Now that fall is quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a quick Instagram snapshot documenting a few of our favorite pieces for the upcoming season. Fall is the time for rustic elegance.
So... Enjoy. Swoon. Indulge. (We sure do!)
Reinstein/Ross' signature 22K gold and sapphire briolette earrings
We literally LOVE everything that Reinstein/Ross handcrafts every day of the year, but these Vine Earrings are particularly appropriate for fall! The cascading gemstones are an ombre of solid color, the warm 22K gold, and the layers upon layers of elegant intricacies are just what we crave this time of year.

We could mix and match all day (come play with us!), so here are three images of a recent favorite bangle stacking combination.
From top to bottom we have Gabriella Kiss, Pat Flynn, and Todd Pownell.
Now imagine these three bracelets, all in a pretty little stack on your arm...
This 18K pave diamond snake bangle from Gabriella Kiss is the perfect beginning of a beautiful bracelet stack
Pat Flynn's full diamond sprinkle nail bracelet acts as the center complement to a dreamy stack of bangles
And to top it all off, Todd Pownell's inverted black diamond fissure bracelet takes this stack over the edge
Cocktail parties + Arm parties = Fall fabulousness extraordinaire!
They are made for each other, and we love it all!
Show 'em what you've got! Still wearing your summer tan, exposing your killer jewelry collection...stack 'em up this season!
All together these make for a pretty fabulous array...wouldn't you say?!
As promised, that was our (very) mini snapshot of what our fall is looking like so far!
We of course have diamonds for days, and so much more, but the season is young so we must pace ourselves. ;)
Visit the gallery and liven up your collection, or just show us what you've got!
We love seeing what you come up with for layering and mixing designers - we get inspired too!

Now get out there to soak up the rest of summer, and start prepping your closet for autumn!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Todd Pownell: Diamonds That Get to the Point!

Todd Pownell's diamonds literally get to the point, as many of them are intentionally set 'upside-down'...that is to say, culet side up! We always knew diamonds were sparkly every which way you look at them, but Todd's designs have really brought that fact to the world's attention! Overcome any notions of traditional when you check out our collection of Todd's handmade jewelry - it will make you weak in the knees!

Behind The Scenes : Gabriella Kiss

There are many reasons why everyone is going wild for Gabriella Kiss' jewelry, and the main one that we can all agree on is that her handmade designs are the epitome of natural beauty.
A sampling of Quadrum's extensive collection from Gabriella Kiss
 While Quadrum carries a magnificent array of Gabriella's work, we are always waiting in the wings to see what she will come up with next! This is why we feel super lucky to have Gael Towey's talented eye behind the lens and providing us with an intimate look into Gabriella's studio! Here are a few shots of what is new and gorgeous and being meticulously crafted in Kiss' Hudson Valley workshop. (Thank you Gael, for sharing your special visit with us all!)
The artist's work bench...we spy snakes and wasps, oh my!
New work snapshot - that tourmaline is thrilling!
Stunning stones, scalloped bezels, 18K gold...all of Gabriella's signatures in completely new forms!
PS, If you have not yet seen Gael's short film "Portraits in Creativity" on Gabriella, take the time to watch it and become enchanted. It will take your breath away!
Learn more about the Portraits in Creativity project here.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last Day for Tax Free Fun!

Don't let the tax free weekend pass you by without picking up that treasure you've had your eye on! We are absolutely loving Anne Sportun's wrap bracelets (available in every luscious color of the rainbow)! Today and tomorrow, tax free is the perfect excuse to treat yourself! There is no better reason than this tax free savings to shop your heart out...thank you Massachusetts!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Reward Yourself On Tax Free Weekend!

We have so many fabulous ideas for ways that you can treat yourself this tax free weekend! Why not reward yourself with a pair of gold and diamond studs?! These are earrings that go with everything, night or day, and will likely become a part of your daily jewelry routine. Barbara Heinrich's 18K gold or Reinstein/Ross' warm 22K yellow and apricot golds give all you ladies something super savory to relish in day after day. Tax free, for everyday jewelry!

Saturday & Sunday... Tax-Free Temptations!

How long have you been coveting that pair of 18K gold handmade snake hoops from Gabriella Kiss?! The diamond eyes, the fine texture and perfect design...this weekend is the perfect time to finally make them yours! Tax free applies to many of Gabriella Kiss' pieces, and these snake hoops are a Quadrum must-have! What are you waiting for!?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tax Free Golden Treasures This Weekend!

The much anticipated tax free weekend is the perfect time to add a new Barbara Heinrich piece to your jewelry box! Choose from our collection, to add to yours! Pendants, stack rings and earrings...any piece up to $2500 is tax free...this weekend only! Fulfill your golden fantasies!!